Saturday, June 26, 2010

How to create custome control

How to create custome control
custom control are compile code that execute on server.Custom control can be simply build by override the Render() method.To create a custom control we just need to do the following steps

1>open visual studio.

2>create a Web COntrol Library Project

3>Overrid the Render Method.

4>Build the project and generate the Dll.
5>Create a Web project.

6>Add dll.

7>Add custom control.

8>Build and run the code.

How To solve Configuration Error

If the above error occur the simplest solution is doing the following changes..

The actual reason is that the latest version of Ajax Control Toolkit expect to have a .net 3.5SP1 runtime environment.So we need to install Dotnet Framework 3.5SP1 and the issue will be solved.We can find the require service pack here
How To solve Configuration Error
If the configuration error occur that could not load assemby system.web.extension that meas we want to browse a site which has been made with Ajax control toolkit but the toolkit version is not being installed.In the above senario we need to install the ajax control toolkit the the problem will solve.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to java standard tag library work

To Use JSTL we need to do the following things

1>Download the standard.jar and jstl.jar and keep them into web-INF/lib folder.
Download Link
2>Download the requeried tld.
3> For your JSTL Web application, edit your web.xml file and add the following entries:

How to work MySql Cursor,Store Procedure,Function

MySql Cursor calling from java

Mysql Cursor Example

Mysql Cursor Example

Mysql Function Example