Saturday, May 12, 2012

How to Use Telerik Control

Telerik control are very useful in web application to make the application more pleasant and good look and feel.To use Telerik control we need to do the following things..

1>First open the visual studio and create a Web Application
2>Now choose the ASP.NET Web Application
3>Now reference the telerik related dll
4>Now register the telerik control
5>Added the script manager right way.Here FIG 1 is the right way and FIG 2 is wrong way..

6>Now check the script manager.
7>Now Add smart tag.
8>Now add the telerik web resource
9>When the telerik web resource is added succefully then we get the following message
10>When telerik web resources added successfully then config file also will be updated.
Telerik Error
If we not provide the design file in web.config then ti will return error.
We need to add the design file into web.config file.

Version Information for ScriptReferenceBase: "Supported in: 3.5 SP1". It's a new class for Service Pack 1. It doesn't exist in .NET 3.5 and the documentation for ScriptReference.So we need to install 2008 Service pack 1 and the problem will be solved.

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